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between the Hills and the River Po in the Area of Turin
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Riserva Naturale Arrivore e Colletta

  • Land Surface Area (ha): 208,00
  • Regions: Piemonte
  • Provinces: Torino
  • Municipalities: Torino
  • Establishment Measures: LR 28 17/04/1990

A Large Green Lung in Turin between Dora Riparia and Stura di Lanzo

The area, covering a surface 208 hectares, is delimited by three rivers: the rivers Po, Dora Riparia, and Stura di Lanzo. It extends itself where the two secondary rivers flow into the river Po (left bank), within the municipal territory of Turin. The area represents the last non-built stretch of the ancient and very large "Regio Parco", the green area going from the Royal Palace in Turin and extending towards the north-east, which has been progressively and almost entirely built since the end of the 19th century.
The southern section of the current Recreational Area forms Colletta Town Park, organized for the spare time and also for the observation of the aquatic birds, particularly significant in this area in winter. Given the fact that the area is situated in a urban territory, the nesting of the Great Crested Grebe in the canebrakes along the river banks is of particular interest.

River Po in Arrivore e Colletta Recreational Area, Turin
River Po in Arrivore e Colletta Recreational Area, Turin
(Micol Bramardi)


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